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2014 prize-winning painting by Gillian Wyche

DAG Stories #4: Gillian Wyche

Posted: 25 February 2015

"Many moons ago I studied Industrial Design at Liverpool University. Heaven knows why when I should have been taking Fine Art. It must have been the long hair and black clothes that scared me off. Adrian Henry was one of my tutors and a very full on character; totally daunting to a naive eighteen year old. I am a little older and wiser now!

"My career always involved the design world but in the practical sense i.e. Interior Design. About fifteen years ago I returned to life drawing, a passion of mine in my youth and after a few tentative pencil sketches soon got back into the swing of it. I was influenced by a local artist Jan Bee;who exhibited at DAG, and was artist in residence at Ness Gardens. She always aimed to reduce what she was drawing to its essence and try to convey it to the viewer."

Gillian Wyche gallery (click on images to zoom)

Still life with cups by Gillian Wyche
Flower painting by Gillian Wyche
Still life with fruit by Gillian Wyche
Abstract art by Gillian Wyche

"Acrylics were new to me but I found they readily combined with other media which suited my style. I have never wanted to reproduce reality on a two dimensional plain but rather to convey my interpretation of it.

"I have met with some success when exhibiting at DAG over the last ten years; selling two of my works at my very first try. I have not always met with the same success since but I have been fortunate enough to win some prizes.

"I now exhibit widely. The major problem being producing enough high quality work. My Life drawings have sold very well at The Society of Women Artists Exhibition at The Mall Gallery in London and in 2014 I won the Presidents Prize, Alwyn Crawshaw at the National Acrylic Painters Association Annual Exhibition.

"I hope you will find what I have to say of interest."