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Painting by David Wilson at DAG 2013

DAG Stories #3: David Wilson

Posted: 2 February 2015

"I was born in West Kirby before the war. We lived behind West Kirby sailing club. I always liked to be near the sea and boats. I could always draw as a child and I won the art prize for 4 years when I was at Wrekin College. After that I gained an NDD at Liverpool College of art in the 50’s.

"I studied graphic design and technical illustration in Liverpool before working in the aviation industry and then moving on to agriculture in advertising and marketing. Started my own advertising agency in 1961. Which grew over the years until 1990 when I retired from full time work and started painting.

"I first submitted work to DAG in 1992 which was accepted and I was invited to join. Eventually I was asked to help the committee with some promotion work for the exhibition, I think in about 1997. Getting more involved with the committee over the years. I have been very lucky in winning a few prizes and occasionally having the public vote, which is very gratifying."

David Wilson gallery (click on images to zoom)

Arfer - the first half is the best by David Wilson
Fishing the Black Water - 'Marigold of Maldon' by David Wilson
Preparing to race - Mariquita at St Tropez by David Wilson
The Old Eights running before a fresh breeze c1912 by David Wilson

"I starting painting seriously like most people with watercolour but struggled into using acrylics. Eventually I found the ability to over paint with acrylics so much easier that with watercolour. I aim to sell my work quite well both locally and in Switzerland and the United States. My style is realistic - I try to loosen up in my paintings and find it very difficult. My brain will not work that way!

"My preferred medium is acrylics and I concentrate on painting local and historic sailing craft. I undertake many commissions for boats as well dogs, horses and portraits of people. You can look at a selection of my work on my web site:

"I am an Honorary Life Member of the Liverpool Artists Club, having painted their last 12 Presidential portraits, also a prominent committee member of the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art (NEWA) and currently Vice Chairman of DAG. My experience with boats has been twice President of the Seabird Half-rater Association and recently retired President of the Nobby Owners Association (Nobby is a local shrimp boat). I have many requests for demonstrations in the north west and also take lessons for small art groups. And I organise art exhibitions in Anglesey and Liverpool each year.

"I enjoy painting and researching my subject matter. It keeps the old brain going!"